One Yoga Pose That Will Wake You Up Like A Cup of Coffee

My Body 7.3.2018

One cup of coffee in the morning isn’t so bad, or is it? A recent report claims drinking your coffee first thing in the morning actually reduces the boost you think you’re getting and leads you to build a tolerance, lowering its lasting power and probably causing you to drink more to get the same … Read More

The Foolproof Way To Avoid Catching A Cold This Winter

My Body 16.11.2015

Are you already dreading the upcoming cold season? There really is one simple trick to avoid getting sick this winter, and if you pay attention to your body, you’re probably already doing it. Researchers took 164 healthy people and monitored them for a week, then gave them nasal drops of the cold virus to see … Read More

Can A Good Cupping Heal You?

My Body 21.10.2015

Celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Gwyneth Paltrow have bared their backs publicly to reveal circular shapes on their bodies, which look painful, but are actually marks of an ancient Chinese medicinal treatment called cupping. As more Westerners are asking for it, it’s even become available at some posh spas. One high-end hotel in Los Angeles … Read More

The New Rules for Salt

My Body 13.1.2016

  A few recent studies tossed some controversial doubt on our long-held belief that “low salt equals better health,” so we thought it would be the right time to examine the new rules for salt, since February is National Heart Month. A high salt diet remains a prime source of high blood pressure and increases … Read More

Why You Need Sunscreen for Your Hair

My Body 5.6.2015

For years, you’ve been asking your friends, family members and significant others to “get your back” when applying sunscreen, but you might still be missing a crucial area: your hair. While protecting your skin from sun damage is common knowledge, your hair also suffers from UVA and UVB damage. At a time when more than … Read More

Are Prebiotics Better Than Probiotics?

My Body 18.3.2016

  You might already know to keep your tummy healthy by feeding it probiotics – but do you know that you might need prebiotics? Prebiotics aren’t necessarily better than probiotics, but some say it is better to balance both pre and pro for a healthy gut. Probiotics are supplements and food with active cultures, such … Read More

5 Easy Changes to Avoid Heart Disease

My Body 12.2.2016

Garlic for a healthy heart? According to a new study, it seems we could all benefit! More men and women die from heart disease than any other condition; it’s the nation’s number one killer. Since February is National Heart Month, why not start or reexamine simple life changes that can impact your heart health immediately? … Read More

Say Goodbye to Headaches For Good

My Body 6.1.2016

If you take medication regularly for headaches, but can’t seem to shake them, you could be doing more harm than good. It turns out that misusing medication, such as aspirin, sinus medication, sedatives, and headache remedies that contain caffeine, for longer than the three-day limit on the bottle, for example, can cause rebound headaches. Fortunately, … Read More

How to Supercharge Your Flu Shot

My Body 2.11.2015

So you made the decision to get the flu shot just in time to let the antibodies develop in your body and protect you against our flu season. By most estimates, the flu shot prevents infection 50% to 70% of the time. And even if you do get sick, the shot can make your milder … Read More

Does A Neti Pot Really Help You Breathe Better?

My Body 16.9.2015

You shower your body – should you shower your nose? In recent years, saline irrigation, once prescribed by doctors post-sinus surgery has gotten very popular as a natural way to relieve allergies and sinus problems without the use of medication.  American Family Physician explains that it bathes your nasal passages to treat sinusitis to viral … Read More

Why and When To Unplug for Better Sleep and Wellbeing

My Body 28.9.2015

Does it seem like you spend a big chunk of your time with your eyes glued to a screen? If so, you could be hijacking your sleep and wellbeing. According to a recent study, unplugging or at least changing your screens before bed could be the key to getting your sleep and your health back … Read More

The Best Habits To Give You Good Teeth (and Breath)

My Body 2.9.2015

A smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, so it’s important to keep your pearly whites healthy. But, did you know that your oral health could also be a lifesaver? Here are the best habits to maintain your teeth, your breath – and why this will help you stay healthier, … Read More