Call them designer teas: high-priced tea leaves with playful flavors like “Movie Night,” which contains popped popcorn, or “Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom,” which promises to reinvigorate your life. Never before have teas been so fancy and so available, with retail locations in malls and centers everywhere.  You might say, designer teas are hot right now.

Are they better and/or worth it? Here are three reasons to explore exotic brews for your health and well-being.

1. They’re pre-formulated for health and beauty. Designer tea companies have created multi-note blends to target our health and beauty needs.  For example, The Republic of Tea offers “Get Gorgeous, the No. 1 Herb Tea for Clear Skin.” (Yup, that’s the name.) It’s a non-caffeinated tea (hydrating), with an array of antioxidants to slow or prevent damage to our cells, plus calming herbs to reduce stress (think: fewer furrowed brow wrinkles).

2. You can get really picky. You now have free reign to get as creative and customize as much as you want.  Design a Tea lets you build your own custom blend online. You pick the base tea, then choose from two flavor lists and one herb list to build funky blends, such as Zabaglione Pumpkin Jamaican Dogwood Bark, which would taste like a blend of an Italian custard dessert and pumpkin with an herb intended to treat migraines.

3. Customer service and education. It’s sort of like going into a wine shop and talking to the wine steward. Most of us know that chamomile tea helps us sleep, but since teas have long been used as tinctures, designer tea companies often train their staff on the finer value points of tea.  At David’s Tea retail locations, for example, sales staff is prepared to answer which teas are and are not good for pregnant women and which ones are gluten-free or Kosher.

For comparable serving amounts, these designer teas are about double (or more) the price of a run-of-the-mill grocery store tea bag, even the fancier grocery choices like Lipton Spiced Cinnamon Chai.  But, if you believe certain herbs and plants have medicinal properties, and you want to use tea as a way to be well, it’s well worth the price to try them out. See for yourself if these teas are really hot for a reason.

(Note: Check with your doctor to see if certain herbs and spices conflict with any of your medications or your diet, and also note that smaller quantities of tea ingredients likely won’t yield obvious results.)

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