One of our favorites for the past couple of years – avocado toast – is still all the rage. Everyone knows you can throw an egg on it with a little citrus and olive oil, but think of surprising your palate for surprise health benefits, too.

By itself, the avocado is a rock star food – an incredible source of protein and “good cholesterol,” which fights stroke and heart disease.  Plus, avocados pack a good amount of potassium without a lot of sugar.

Could it get any better? Absolutely. Here are five things you can add to your favorite avocado toast right away to make it even healthier.

1. Drizzle Salmon Oil
Olive oil is the go-to oil, but consider adding a seafood spin. Smash the avocado on toast, then, drizzle one tablespoon of salmon oil on top. You’ll be adding nearly two grams of omega-3 fatty acids, which fight heart disease and the blues while sharpening your brain.

2. Sprinkle a Spice Mix
Mix turmeric with coriander and sprinkle on top of your avocado toast as a final touch. Turmeric helps fight inflammation and chronic health problems, including Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Coriander supports digestion and promotes liver function to encourage detox – plus, it has a citrus and sweet undertone to delight your taste buds.
3. Lay Down A Bed of Arugula
Kale is the celebrity leafy green, but low-profile arugula is high in Vitamin C and magnesium, a combination that helps lower stress and inflammation while increasing digestive regularity. Toss a bit of arugula in light olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon (or leave it plain), and set it atop the bread before you pile on the avocado, as if the arugula were the lettuce in a sandwich.

4. Shower It with Chia Seeds
An easy showering of chia seeds on your avocado toast gives it some texture and helps you feel more full so you don’t overeat. They also prevent the absorption of fat.  Good source of protein, fiber, heart-healthy fats, and phosphorus for your bones, too? All of the above – check.

5. Feel Good with Sriracha
Scientists say the spicy “high” you get with sriracha, a Thai-originating hot chili sauce, is actually the result of a series of chemical reactions that release endorphins – those “feel-good” hormones. In other words, sriracha on your avocado toast chemically boosts your mood (as if you weren’t already happy enough eating avocado toast).

It only takes a second or two to make one of your favorites even better – try it!