Want more fireworks in your love life? A new study found women who are well rested are more likely to want to have sex.   So how do you get more “z” time when you’ve got a million things to do?   Try this step-by-step process to help you sleep more, so you have energy and time for a real love life.

Edit the To Do List
Pare down your must-do list for the day.  Experts recommend having three reasonable goals for the day and that’s it.  Prioritizing your to do list and keeping it to just three items forces you to fit your daily goals into a reasonable schedule, helping you get to bed sooner rather than later.

Get a Sleep Schedule
The body and brain like routine.  Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, preferably with the natural rhythms of daylight and darkness.  Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep daily, a lofty goal, as a majority of women (and we’re guessing men too) don’t hit this.

Mother Nature Help
Pamper yourself to sleep with a little outside love.  Lavender, chamomile, lemon balm and  verbena all encourage relaxation and are a natural way to set the stage for a good night sleep.  These herbs come in essential oils, massage oils, and teas which all have different means to deliver the same impact: easing your way to sleep.

Turn off the TV 
Nothing kills sleep and sex more than a TV in the bedroom.  Add to that smart phones, tablets and laptops. In fact, the elements of your bedroom can make or break your sleep and thus your love life. If possible, keep all electronics out of your bedroom, and make the space a sleeping sanctuary. Cool, dark and quiet are the name of the game.  Your bed should be comfortable too, as well as your sheets – no scratchy cotton here.

Tune into Yoga and Meditation
De-stress before you slumber.  Gentle yoga poses and meditation can release built up stress and tension that inhibit restful sleep.  To maximize your chances of a good night’s sleep, try these 3 yoga poses as we’ve shared in LiveYourVie/MyPhysicalHealth.

Incorporate these healthy sleep habits into your bedtime routine and see how much more energy you have for your love life.