If drinking enough water every day is a challenge for you, you might need to create ways to sneak it in.

First, do you really know why you need to drink plenty of water every day? In addition to being the original calorie-free thirst quencher, water keeps your body running smoothly. It  helps heart pump blood more easily, helps muscles remove waste, transports nutrients and oxygen, and helps regulate body temperature — important stuff.

Second, if drinking enough water every day seems like an impossible task, despite knowing the importance of hydration, here’s some good news: drinking eight glasses of water a day is a myth.  However the Mayo Clinic says eight can be a good benchmark (though it also claims everyone is different).

Here are a few helpful tips to get you hydrated quickly and easily.

Bite Into Watermelons and Chomp on Lettuce
Water can make its way into your body in all sorts of clever ways — in fruits, vegetables, soup, and even caffeinated coffee and tea (the minor diuretic effect of these beverages is offset by the amount of water they contain). Of course, some fruits and vegetables contain more water than others. At the top of the list: cucumbers and lettuce, which are 96% water. If you’re more of a fruit person, watermelon and strawberries are 92% water.

Add A Pint (Not Beer)
Being outdoors in the summer heat can dehydrate you quickly. For every pound of sweat you lose, you need to drink an extra pint of water. If you don’t like the taste of water, or have a hard time drinking it, add some lemon slices, or use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes.

Suck It Through A Straw
Drinking through a straw can increase the amount of water you drink.  Plus, it’s thought that straws improve the flavor of beverages (it has to do with your taste buds and chemical reactions). Something as simple as a straw could help you drink more water.

The best way to know if you’re getting enough water isn’t to measure ounces or weigh fruit – it’s as easy as going to the bathroom. Ideally, you should be getting enough water that you have to go to the bathroom every two to four hours, and your urine should be the color of pale lemonade.

Sneak more fruits and vegetables into your diet and follow these simple guidelines to get hydrated and stay hydrated all summer long.