If you need more energy, do these three things: calm your stomach, calm your mind, and get some good sleep.  Easier said than done!

In short, the path to more energy can start and be maintained by learning how to reduce stress. About half of all adults had at least one major stressful life event in the past year (like legal trouble, financial challenges, health problems, and trouble in a relationship), according to a recent study by Harvard University. However, day-to-day stress, which includes a busy schedule, household responsibilities, running errands, and car trouble, can also spell stress and trouble for your health. Sound familiar?

Know How Stress Looks and Feels
You might not feel totally stressed out, but your body and mind are stressed if you experience some of the usual stress suspects: headaches, neck and shoulder tightness, chronic anxiety, sleep disorders, or eating a lot more or less than normal.

Other signs of stress show up in your digestive system: frequent gas, bloating, upset stomach, cramps, and more. In fact, stress is more closely linked to your digestive system than you might think; your stomach and intestines have more nerve cells linked directly to your brain than your spinal cord.

Learn What To Do
There are so many techniques and treatment options to reduce stress in healthy ways for more energy in your life – here are just a few.

Relaxation Therapy – It comes in many forms, from yoga and meditation to massage therapy, plus, time spent in nature, away from life’s many stressors. Commit to making one or more of these techniques part of your regular routine. Many health experts believe certain sleep and gastrointestinal problems can improve by reducing stress.

Practice Ayurveda – Many yogis practice this lifestyle, but some of the techniques are very mainstream and popular, because they’re focused on bringing body and mind into balance through healthy habits and clean eating to improve digestion. Easy ways to practice Ayurveda right away include going to bed by a certain time.

Cultivate Mindfulness – If you feel like you’re too busy to do anything about being stressed out, don’t despair. Simply being aware of your state of mind and taking action to manage stress can improve your mood in seconds. Give someone a hug, pet your dog or cat, smile more, and you’ll be amazed at the affect it can have on your stress.

Even if your obvious goal is to increase your energy, there’s no doubt these healthy habits lead to a better quality of life, which includes overall wellbeing that lasts a lifetime.