Hummus is becoming America’s “it” food, possibly as word spreads about this chickpea-based food spread, which delivers amazing health benefits.

Also called garbanzo beans, chickpeas are high in fiber (good for digestion and supporting weight loss) and iron (important for energy and metabolism). Enjoying them in hummus can help health problems, from anemia to blood clots, and cholesterol to blood sugar. So, go dip into some hummus, but consider going straight to the source – straight to the chickpea – for nourishing variety that’s right on trend.

Here are some easy ways to get more chickpeas into your life – quickly and easily.

Chickpea Scramble
If you love the texture, taste and ease of a tofu scramble, mix it up (quite literally) by swapping out tofu for chickpeas. Scramble some chickpeas and your favorite veggies in olive oil, adding healthy spices like turmeric and cumin, before you pile the whole thing over quinoa… voila!

Asian Chickpea Lettuce Wraps
Substitute chickpeas for the chicken, pork, or shrimp in this low-carb favorite. You might saute your chickpeas with cashews, basil, or peppers, then, kick up the flavor by drizzling sriracha or chili sauce on top. Then, scoop it all onto your taste buds with a cool, crispy lettuce to offset that heat (think romaine instead of iceberg – more nutritious).

Chickpea Burgers
Chickpeas come together to form a “meat” patty. Think of this as a veggie burger, but with a bigger spotlight on our star ingredient. You’ll need a food processor to help create a paste, with eggs as the binding component, before your creation hits the skillet.

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas
Check out chickpeas as a handy, munch-able snack. Toss them in olive oil (or hey, try coconut oil) with a dusting of cayenne or sea salt for a handy snack you can tuck in your bag instead of a bag of chips.

Mashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich
Chickpeas take the place of tuna, mashed and mixed in your favorite, familiar way to create a sandwich filling. Between two buns or in a wrap, you’ve got an old favorite with a new twist. Try adding chopped celery for texture, like you would for a regular tuna or egg salad sandwich. You can buy chickpeas dry and soak them, or just get them canned. Either way, know that chickpeas are generally available anywhere, from regular grocery stores to specialty health stores – often wherever hummus is sold!