One of the best changes you can make to your diet is to eat more “healthy fats.” No doubt you’ve heard the advice before, because these healthy fats like salmon are all strong in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol, a balance that helps reduce the risk for blocked arteries, heart attack, and stroke.

You can find these fats in an omega-3 supplement, but nothing beats real, healthy food, which has other healthy benefits. What should you add to your shopping list right away for your heart and so much more?

Add: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why: Highest amount of antioxidants of the oils; slows natural aging process

How: Pure, but highly caloric; use in moderation (2 tablespoons daily) in salad dressings, for roasting vegetables, or as a key ingredient in pesto and eggplant dip (baba ghanouj)

Add: Peanut Butter 

Why: Perfect combination of fiber and protein, keeps you full longer to help you maintain weight; supports your bone, muscles and immunity

How: Spread on multi-grain toast with a banana or apple; add to smoothies; mix into salad dressings

Add: Avocado  

Why: Grows and repairs body tissues to fight infection; detoxifies your body to create better absorption of healthier elements; regulates your digestive tract

How: Slice on top of salads, slather on toast, stuff with grains and legumes, add to smoothies, and make guacamole (of course)

Add: Soy Milk 

Why: Keeps energy levels high; can inhibit your absorption of fat for weight maintenance; prevents post-menopausal symptoms; prevents osteoporosis

How: Drink straight, use in smoothies, or use as an ingredient in dips, dressings, soups, frozen treats, and baked goods

Add: Tofu   

Why: Alleviates some peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause symptoms; supports bones and skin; prevents premature aging, breast cancer and osteoporosis

How: Scramble with turmeric; marinate as a steak; stir-fry cubed with veggies over rice; use as a “sandwich” protein (try chinese buns)

Add those right away, and subtract bad fats like fried foods, butter and stick margarine, packaged snack foods, and candy bars, and you’ll reduce your fatigue, lethargy, food cravings, and mild depression. Healthy fats do exactly the opposite, and in addition to preventing disease, they’ll also help sharpen your brain, boost your memory, and keep you in a more positive mood.

If you’re eating healthy fats, you’ll have no problem remembering what to eat for your next meal to be the healthiest version of you.