A little meditation can mean big changes in your life, including better health, drastic stress relief, greater mental focus, and healthier relationships. No wonder doctors are actually starting to prescribe meditation to reduce symptoms related to disease and injury. Harvard research shows there is a scientific link between meditation and the ability to shift stress and boost immunity.

Should you go to a class? Guided meditation is a wonderful thing, of course, but you can create a space in your home just for meditation. It doesn’t take a big room to do it, but if you have a dedicated place at home to care for yourself through meditation, even if it’s a corner in a tiny apartment, you’ll honor and feel the benefits of meditation immediately.

Here are some simple ideas to create that sweet spot for calming and centering yourself:

  • Find a Seat. You need to be comfortable sitting for a bit, so whether it’s a cushion, yoga blocks, or stacked blankets, choose something that will help you sit upright with ease, and dedicate the seat for meditation only.
  • Create Warmth. If you’re cold, your body will get tense. Use a special space heater or turn up the room heat just before you meditate to make sure you’re comfortably warm (but not too warm, or you’ll fall asleep).
  • Build An Altar. Anything that inspires you can get you in a better headspace. On a clean, beautiful cloth (on a small table or even the floor), place objects of emotional and spiritual value, such as a picture of an inspirational person, a mini-deity statue, or a bamboo plant signifying both strength and flexibility, for example.
  • Have A Mala. One form of meditation is Japa, a meditative repetition of a chant or prayer, often with the use of a 108-bead mala (string of beads). The mala should be yours and only used by you, since meditation is so personal.
  • Unfold a peaceful screen. If privacy is an issue, have a foldable, clean screen handy to close you off into your meditation space.

Whether you have one thing, all of the above, or none at all, the most important thing about mediation is that you bring yourself wholly into the practice. Just starting out? Check out our simple beginner’s guide to meditation. Whether you meditate in the comfort of your own home or in a crowded train, know that you’re doing something wonderful for yourself.